Monday, March 19, 2007

A VERY productive weekend!!

My DARLING Timothy loves me. There was NEVER EVER any doubt of that. However, we've been in this house since June and there was STILL carpet in the kitchen. So, do the math....9 months of carpet in the kitchen+only being able to vaccume it x Rugby spilling things x Riley spilling things x Tim spilling things x (me maybe dropping a little something)= WAY GROSS! So, here's a link back to when we bought the's not the best picture of the kitchen, but it does show the carpet and how cramped we were....BEFORE And now, the grand unveiling o a partially re-done kitchen....
Notice the metal railing is GONE!! The kitchen table is GONE!! And there is SPACE SPACE SPACE!!

We've got a temporary top on the breakfast bar so that I can get a feel for how I want it to be before we get the real thing ordered. Also, we are able to set up the baby gate so that TJ can't get under or thru the rail anymore!! YAY! He's not gonna fall down the stairs. I'm so EXCITED!!

Then, since Adam was here helping clean the garage and do the breakfast bar....I took the opportunity to paint the bathroom I started in November so that Tim and Adam could lay the floor in there and install the new toilet that Timmy got. So, while I'm painting (a lovely tan color called "brown sugar"), I notice that the valve is leaking where he unhooked the toilet from. DUMMY ME, I tried to turn it a shower, turned it the other way and it went down, but not off so I kept turning and got another shower, this time of hot water. UGH! Anyway, the boys went to get Tim and I got a towel. LOL! I can laugh now. So, anyway, the floor is in, it's painted, and there is a hand towel bar now hung ever so nicely by the sink. Now I just need to find curtains that I like.... BEFORE

Now....there's still a little trim to do, but it's coming right along.....


  1. So awesome!!! I love the kitchen with the little bar area (I'm sure the boys do too!). So, where do you guys eat dinner? In the dining room area?

  2. There is a dinning room?I missed that in pictures.The kitchen has alot more room now.The bathroom turned out really nice.Love the black counter tops!I am doing my bathroom in black too.Having a hard time finding a lepord print shower curtain.Went to several stores and can not find one!Great job on the remodeling Jess!!!


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