Monday, March 12, 2007

March is 1/2 over....where'd the time go???

I can't believe that March is almost half over and I haven't posted at all yet! So, what have we been doing, you ask? Let's take a peek, shall we?

TJ's been eating....and growing....

Rugby and Riley enjoyed some snow...and a couple days off school!

TJ got buried in stuffed Rugby.

The nasty burnt oange floral wallpaper started to get the boot...soon to be replaced by a lovely yellow...

And last night, Daddy had LOTS of help starting to lay the new floor in the kitchen. YAY! The carpet is going away!! So, that about covers the last 12 days. Tonight, Tim is going to work on finishing up the flooring in the kitchen...we've got enough of it to do the bathroom that I started at Thanksgiving time, too. I can't wait!! (Can you tell that Tim's on spring break this week??) I'm going to spend what part of the day TJ and Riley will let me trying to peel wallpaper and getting ready to paint. Hopefully I'll have updated pictures of the projects soon!!


  1. It is such a shame that you are getting rid of the beautiful floral wallpaper! It might be back in style in a few years. :-)

  2. TJ is getting so big.Laughing at the first comment lol-

    Let us know how it turns out when you get done with your project!

  3. TJ is now our wallpaper....on the computer. He has gotten so big since we saw him last.The boys look like they really enjoyed the snow! Have fun this week putting in the new flooring.

  4. Soooo many "helpers"!! So cute. Christy xo


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