Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Our new house!

Here's some photos from our new house! We closed on Friday morning, went to Walmart afterwards and got some groceries and supplies and spent the rest of the day at the new house. The boys had a blast and enjoyed running around the new yard. They think it's really neat that they can have a campfire in the house now, too. Rugby is still set on having his own room, so it's possible that Riley and the baby are going to be the ones sharing the big room and Rugby can have his own room, even though it's little.

The pix are in a bad light, so that explains the yellow in all the photos. We've got our house up for sale, so now it's just hoping that someone buys it!


  1. Wow and congrats!!! Is that two ovens that I see? Did they leave the house furnished for you too???!! It really is beautiful!

  2. Yes, that is two ovens! That was the whole reason that I wanted to see this house! LOL! I'm excited to be able to use it. Though Timmy and I maybe putting on some weight if I do. haha!


  3. Christine said...
    Congrats!! It looks great! love the double ovens!! The boys will like the fireplace in winter. Is it wood burning? Good luck selling your house.


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