Thursday, November 16, 2006

Handy PERSON for Hire?

I'm sure that there are days that darling Timothy wishes I weren't so "helpful" around here. And today is probably one of those days. He told me a couple weeks ago that I could rip out the carpet in the bathroom. (Who puts carpet in a bathroom, anyway?!?!?!!! Probably the same people that put carpet in my KITCHEN! ARGH!!!!!!) So, today TJ took a really nice long nap and I hit it.....til I hit a brick wall. Under the carpet was MORE carpet, and now that I can see that, I can see the linoleum under that carpet. YUCK! WHY IN THE WORLD would you put carpet over carpet over linoleum? I just don't get it. Anywho, I got the first layer out pretty easy with a utility knife this next layer of carpet is proving to be a little more challenging...there is some sort of glue board underneath the carpet (which, btw, is carpet with pad attached.. UGH!) It's slow going using my claw hammer to pry it loose. Tim is in the woods or I'd ask for a chisel. Anyway, here's where I am......

Here's Riley helping me....

And here's the nasty linoleum....


  1. You have a cute family too! Thanks for writing in my blog. Very cute boys. And our babys are the same age! Good luck with the carpet. I had to do the drywall in my house. No fun!

  2. Jessie - I agree! Why carpet in the bathroom? and two layers?? Good Luck!!

  3. Our house was built in 1913. I can't express to you in the English language how many layers of this and that are on the walls and floor and how much bad DIY work and wierdness has gone on during that century. We are trying to fix it as we go, make it right, but Lawdy!

    Carpet in the bathroom is gross. It never totally dries out and you know how those boys aim...


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