Friday, July 08, 2011

Porch update

Hello again so soon! Yay! I thought that I would give you an update on my porch since it's been my pet project of the summer months. Remember last year? CLICK HERE. Go ahead and review, I can wait.

Back again? K, lovely! Anyway, it was coming along well enough. My problem was with the chairs. I like the chairs, but they have foam cushions and weren't really meant for outdoor use. I have been on the hunt for comfortable chairs (I like to sit and read on the porch) that were meant to be outside and wouldn't break the bank. Good luck, right? I had friends watching for me and one even found a set I liked, but the chairs didn't have arms, so I thought I'd wait and see if I found something I liked better before I jumped into buying that set. Just DAYS later, while in Fleet Farm, my mom found the perfect set! It was comfy, the chairs had arms, there was a table to match and it was on clearance! ROCK ON! So, here it is:
My little endtables that I made last summer are holding up quite well. Tucker decided to paint the walls of the porch with spray paint this spring. At least it's a pretty robin's egg blue. :) We'll be power washing and restaining hopefully this summer, so I didn't freak out about it tooooo bad!

I also picked up this little fountan at a yard sale this spring. I love the calm, gently falling water noises. And the kids love to play in the water. lol. I emptied it now because I was raising mosquitos in there, in advertantly, ooops! Guess I'll fill it just when I want to use it.

This is the table. I cut some lilies from my garden and some other misc flowers to have some fresh flowers on the porch. I had peonies in there earlier this spring that were super cool looking. The green candles are citronella candles so the bugs don't eat me alive while I'm out there. I'm still waiting for Tim to have time to hang my ceiling fan. In the meantime, I haul a standing fan out there when I need a little breeze (like today).

And this is the little bench that Tim made out of a toddler bed. The cushion is dirty, but aside from that, it's held up as well. The plant on the right there is from my Uncle Lowell's funeral. I had to repot it since it outgrew it's other pot. I love how long and kind of wild it's getting.

Ok, so that's the grand tour of the favorite place to just sit and chillax.

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