Sunday, July 25, 2010

Has it really been that long?

WOW! I didn't realize that it's been so long since my last post. Not really feeling like blogging lately and seems like there isn't much to blog about. Though when I took pictures off my camera today (first time since June 16th) there were 179 pictures, so OBVIOUSLY something was worth taking a picture and therefore blogging about!

While I was watering plants this morning, I noticed that my rosemary wasn't doing so hot, so I pulled him out of his spot in the flower bed and planted him in a pot on the front porch, added some vines and petunias that I hadn't planted yet. That turned out nice and started me on a whirlwind cleaning expedition of the front porch. I really need to power wash it and restain and seal the wood, but sweeping made a major improvement for today.

My SIL, Sue, gave me some great white chairs when she was cleaning out her storage unit over the 4th, and they found a home on my front porch as well. Two weeks ago, while I was at my parents, I saw a great oval mirror with a nasty gold frame in the pile headed for Goodwill so I rescued that and gave it a coat of spray paint and that turned up on my porch, too.

Then I had a mad stretch of ambition and tackled a project I never thought I would with Tim being gone....I used the mitre saw to trim down a scrap piece of lumber to use as the base of a cushion I made for the bench that Tim whipped up using the old toddler bed frame that met an untimely end as a bed, but was destined for greatness as a bench. A couple weeks ago, Tim made a beautiful hoosier style cabinet for someone and had this scrap piece laying there from the I grabbed it up and trimmed it to size. It was a bit too wide for the mitre saw, but I cut what I could, then flipped the material the other way, lined up the blade and cut again and it was perfect! Then I took some quilt batting to use for filler and some material I had laying around from another project (that I have yet to finish...) and stapled it to the base. EASY PEASY once I got the base board cut! I popped it in and I love the results! Here's the bench before the cushion....
And after.....

And so, with those improvements, a couple throw pillows and a lamp, I give you my front porch...comfy and cozy and waiting for a ceiling fan for many summer nights sitting there reading or chatting or just relaxing.


  1. Looks nice and cozy, love the cushion and material.

  2. Your porch is awesome.....wish I had that vision! My house is so plain Jane sometimes......needs that xtra touch that I don't seem to be able to find......looks beautiful!

  3. Absolutely LOVE it! You are so creative!!! Awesome work Jess!
    Hugs~ Kim


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