Monday, March 29, 2010

Got my run on

Went out for another run this was freezing cold and the tire on the stroller was flat so it was super hard to push (why didn't I figure that out before I left? Yea, I don't know the answer to that, either.) but I went and I DID IT. Just over a mile in 15 minutes and most of it walking. It's a steps, baby steps.

My SIL Lisa talked to me about doing the Bellin with her in June and while I was on the Bellin Run website this morning, I realized that I'm only 1 day behind in their training schedule, so I did that one day today and I can catch up tomorrow and be on track. I think it's a sign, so I'm gonna go for it. I am going to talk to Tim tonight about doing the registration for it, because I think it'll keep me on track better knowing that I don't want to waste the money for the registration. So, wish me luck, tomorrow is a 15 minute run and I walked/ran 15 minutes today and was sucking wind. Should be interesting!


  1. You go girl! Keep up the runnin'/walkin'.

  2. Good for you! I saw they were going to have a 5K sturgeon run in Shawano. That might be a warm up for you. Maybe Christine will join you or Sue.

  3. you can do it! :)


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