Monday, April 12, 2010

Going's on

Good Afternoon!

This morning, I had a tooth pulled so I am stuck sitting still this afternoon. The babies had a nap when we got home and I've been able to sit still. I'm glad that today's weather isn't as gorgeous as yesterday's or I'd be in big trouble. We are planning to do leftovers tonight since Tim isn't home yet to help make dinner. Sounds like he'll be home right around bedtime. I'm tired, but I'm tired of sitting still, too. The boys will be home from school soon, then it's homework and craziness until bed. Hopefully they don't mind watching movies and playing wii tonight. :) Have a great night! Be back to blogging soon!


  1. Ouch!! I hate going to the dentist!!
    Hope your not in too much pain!!
    I'm sure the boys will be fine my boys beg to play the Wii!!

  2. I hope all went well. I never had a "normal" tooth pulled, but my wisdom teeth extraction was just miserable! Hope you have a quick recovery! :) Take care

  3. I hope your feeling good now.Ouch!I never had a tooth pulled before so I have no idea how it feels.


  4. Had a few teeth pulled in my time, not fun but at least that pain will go away in a day or two--the pain of a broken/sick tooth just seems to drag you down all over. Feel better soon!


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