Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 days and counting

*I have nothing bought for my kids
*I just mailed the IN presents today...HOPING and PRAYING they get there on Christmas Eve and not later!
*Tim is sick
*I was sick yesterday
*Tucker has nasty pants
*Riley thinks he's getting sick
*I have 4 presents left to MAKE
*Only 1 of them is started
*We had Tim's school Christmas party last Friday.
*It was fun and he won wine!
*The next day we had the Harmelink party in Sheboygan.
*It was fun and we won wine!
*We had two Christmas programs at school today. It was awesome. I'll post pix of RIley and a short video or two later....I forgot to send the camera to Rugby's program, so I'm waiting for my BIL to send me a cell phone pic
*I made caramels this week...they were close to hard, but they are really tastey. No one here has complained that they are firm caramels instead of the soft and gooey ones
*We have parties the next 4 days...if the weather holds...or the kids aren't sick
*I sold two pies to a lady Tim works with...I have to deliver them tomorrow.
*MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! See you around the 27th or so!

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