Monday, December 14, 2009

Seriously? Just 11 days left?

That's just panic inducing to me! How can we already be 11 days from Christmas? I've, seriously, never been this far behind in my holiday preparations as I am this year. Even when I had babies I wasn't this far behind. This year, half my holiday stuff is in storage due to our move in August. We don't have a tree skirt. We don't have stockings. I have nothing to store my holiday baking in for storage and for gift giving. We buy those things after Christmas for the next year, so I'm having a really hard time justifying buying it now knowing that I do have these things....I just don't have them HERE.

Oh well, it'll all work out in the always does, but in the meantime I give myself an ulcer.

We have Spike again. Joel brought him Sunday morning. Guess who showed up here Saturday night....

Her name is Tigress...or Princess depending on which kid is talking. Spike thinks it's a special girlfriend and treats her as such...poor kitty can't have two seconds peace. She's taken to hiding under my hutch. I don't know where the kitty came from, but she likes the pancakes the kids put out for the birds and has pretty good house manners. I would hate to think that someone dumped her out here, but she's been our indoor/outdoor kitty. I'm amazed at how much she puts up with from the babies. They love on her pretty hard and only once has she gotten the diggers out. (TJ got that one, btw)

In other news, my big holiday sewing project is a major FAIL. It's not what I wanted from the beginning, so I was dragging my feet about it and then I found something I thought might work, but it's not panning out that way. I'm going to work on them after Christmas with the first pattern that I found and just be happy with that, but because they weren't what I wanted to do this year, I was pretty crabby about it. I found another super cute project, though to make that I think will be pretty great, anyway. And I'm half done with them! Tim is about half done with his portion of Leah's gift and will start Ryan's tonight after he gets home and then I can paint or stain Leah's while I'm waiting for Ryan's. I have four parts of Steph's girls presents to do yet, but I'm thinking it'll be quick. I'd LOVE to be able to get them in the mail this week so they'll have them for Christmas. My BIL is bringing his presents over today to mail with ours so that should be added incentive.

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