Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today while my friend Monica was here, we did a bit of decorating. I have this BIG OLD WALL. The only thing on it is the phone and a mirror. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with that wall, but today we played around with things I had laying around and came up with this:

What do you think?? The long sconces on the right are Home Interiors from 5ish years ago. The little sconce on the left is from Dollar General. I got it on a 70% off rack! The "hope" sign is also Dollar General on the sale rack (less than $1!!). The shelf is something that my grandpa made for me in middle school for my room at my parents house. It was stained a dark color and didn't really work for this, but I spray painted it with a satin black paint and it worked out lovely. It's nice to have the shelf by the phone with a notepad and pen handy there. Now I just need some pillar candles for the sconces.

Here's my front entry. The curtain is JC Penney. Monica got a REALLY awesome deal on it and didn't need this one panel, so I got it. It's a cream color with very thin gold threads running through it. The ribbon is a chocolate color. The plates I got at a craft shop near here 5ish years ago. The cabinet under the window my DARLING husband made for me. My parents had it while we lived away, and now that we're back, they didn't need it anymore so we took it back and used it here. Tim refinished it and I LOVE it. When he made it originally, it was just pieces he had laying around of extra stuff. Pretty great for scraps! I want to make a cushion for it, though. Where the little bench is, I want a long, narrow table. My FIL gave me one, but it needs some major work, so I'm still waiting for Tim to have time to work on that.

Slowly, but surely, the pieces of my home are falling together. I have a couple more posts planned with other areas of the house if anyone is intersted. Let me know!! :)


  1. Jessica-Your husband is quite talented! What a beautiful keepsake! I look forward to seeing what fabric you choose for the cushion. It be a great place to unwind as you sip hot chocolate watching an evening snow fall.
    Post some more pics! I'M INTERESTED!
    Love Cynthia

  2. It is amazing what you can do with things that you already have!!

  3. Nice job - I think I could use your services!

    Aunt Loie


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