Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I can't yell at my friend Kelly about not updating her blog if I don't update mine. :)

I went with Tim over the weekend to stay at A&K's house while he went hunting. It was AWESOME. We got some lovely girl talk in while the boys were hunting. We watched a bit of TV, did some baking and just lazed around and it was great.

Sunday, Adam got a deer. A little buck. I think he said about 4 pts. Tim missed a monster on Sunday, also. He was talking all the way home about needing to learn to be patient, but being afraid he was going to bolt and wanting to at least take a shot...then tracking it and not being sure about where he'd have gone. I'm glad that he got to go hunt because that meant I got to visit. I wish the stay there would have been longer so I could have seen Kathy and Heidi, too but it is what it is.

Kel and I opened a bottle of wine that they had for Friday night. OH MY WORD! It was awesome. It was "Moonlight" from rbv. They are a Chippewa Falls vineyard and only sell locally (or online!). This was a semi-sweet white wine. Very fruity. I went Saturday and bought 2 bottles....one for Saturday and one for home and the home one is already gone! I really should have bought more. Perhaps after I have a wine rack, then I'll stock up on some rbv wines. YUMMY! We also opened a bottle of Barefoot Moscato that was fruity and yummy! It was a weekend for good, cheap wine!

**I'm not being compensated at all for these reviews, but if either company wanted to send me wine to sample, I wouldn't turn them down!

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  1. Heh.

    Here's to good wine. Happy Thanksgiving, Jess!


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