Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the mend?

I'm cautiously optimistic that Riley will be going back to school tomorrow! He's kept his fever away most of the day. If he's fever free in the morning, he'll be headed back. WOOHOO!

TJ's been up and down. The fever goes up and he takes a nap. It was hovering about 102.5 since midnight. Got me up at 4:30 with fever, too. I haven't given him tylenol or ibuprofen since noon and he's been feeling alright. Very sleepy, though. I think he took 2 or 3 naps today which is VERY unusual.

Tucker-man can't seem to keep the temp down. It's been 102 point something all day today. He's been resting on the couch quite a bit. He likes his Air Force water bottle, though so I've kept that full of pedialyte and he's been happy to have unlimited amounts of liquids at his disposal. I usually try to limit his intake because he'd rather drink his meals than eat them, but with the ickiness he's got, I figured better to stay hydrated. I did call the Nurse Line for him and she said that I should just watch it, push the fluids, run the humidifier...the usual instructions.

Rugby has SO FAR managed to escape the Piggy Flu. I think it helps that he's been out of the house for much of the illness with school, Scouts, and working with Tim. Hopefully he'll continue to stay healthy.

I've got a monster tub of Lysol wipes that I've been using on the phone, computer, light switches, handles, knobs...basically any hard surface the kids have touched trying to keep it under control. We'll see.

Also, if you could please say a prayer for my mom's friend Jill's daughter, DaNa. She's younger than me, is married and has a little girl. She was complaining about shortness of breath and pain in her chest so she went to the doctor and they found a very large tumor in her chest. They will be doing a biopsy in the morning. Please say a prayer for them for whatever results they get and the road they will be traveling soon.


  1. Thanks Hon, Glad your boys are doing a bit better. Thanks for the prayers from you and your internet buds. DaNa will need them. Keep them coming!!

  2. Oh Jess, I am sorry to hear that you guys are sick!!

    I hope they are on the mend soon!!

    Your mom rocks to bring you all that stuff!!

    I hope your friend gets some good news!!



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