Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Mommy Loves Me (and an update)

My Mommy loves me. Last night, she made a special delivery...

*8 bottles of Pedialyte
*2 boxes of Pedialyte that you dissolve in a water bottle (like the Crystal Light packets)
*2 bottles of adult cough meds
*4 boxes of Children's Ibuprofen
*1 big ol' box of adult TheraFlu
*1 box of Be Kool (gel strips for the kids foreheads while they have a fever)
*1 pizza from Papa Murphy's
*1 football game for the kids
*1 BIG BOOK of soups cookbook for me

Then this morning she dropped off:
*5 water bottles (so the kids can have gatorade/pedialyte and not spill all over)
*a jar of cranberry salsa
*and the chips to go with it!
*some banana's
*4 little bottles of Bug Juice

I think we'll be set on Ibuprofen through the whole cold/flu season! And meddies for Tim and Me, too. I don't just love her for bringing the "stuff" but because she knew it would make things OH SO MUCH easier for me! And that she's in the neighborhood, generally, anyway. It's so good to be back home!

Thursday night/Friday morning, I had taken Riley to the ER with his fever and cough. The nurse line said it was classic H1N1 symptoms and they would give anti-virals so that he didn't get as sick, so at 3:30 in the morning, we head to town. We probably didn't need to go then, but Tim was home with the kids and I knew we'd be back before he left for school at 6/6:15. We got there and there was NO ONE in there! We waited maybe 1 full minute to see the nurse and maybe another full minute or two after the nurse was done for the doctor. He didn't get my humor...he came in and asked Riley why they both had masks on and I said, "Just lucky, I guess." And he's like "I don't really think it's lucky." Ok, dude it's 4am, I'll give you a free pass and not say anything else. He sent us home with cough meds and instructions to lay low. And run a humidifier because the germs get caught up in the humid air and knocked to the ground so they aren't floating around to get breathed in. And yes, it's Piggy Flu and no, we didn't get anti-virals. Apparently the nurse and the ER aren't on the same page about who they are treating and who they aren't.

And now Tucker has a low-grade temp. Being that he was a preemie, he may be able to get the anti-viral, but his fever's been real low so I'm just watching him for a bit. We'll see later today.

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