Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two projects and an accident

Yesterday was beautiful! It was one of those days that you just want to be outside and working on SOMETHING, ANYTHING just to be outside. I spent the morning folding clothes (more out of necessity) and then I had the itch to do a project. I have sewing I need to do (I haven't forgotten, Aunt Sandy!) but it was too nice to be inside. So, I grabbed an old wire chair that was in the basement when we moved in, some batting, spray paint and my upholstery stapler and went to work! I took the plastic covered seat off the chair, covered it in batting, then the pretty blue and white and pink material that I made crayon rolls with, then sprayed it full of fabric protector so the seat is water and stain proof. Then, I spray painted the frame of the chair almond, but that didn't look I dug around until I found a can of flat white paint and painted. I put it back together last night and it looks great! It's sitting on my front porch right now and I may set a pot of flowers on it, I'm not sure yet.

Then, I was feeling a bit ambitious and still had a bit of time before I met my friend Heidi and her son for a walk, so I started digging up the east side of the garage for a flower bed. There were some Lily of the Valley that were coming up (Gail planted them before we bought the house) and I had some leftover from the flowers I bought for the front of the house, so I planted them there. I am waiting for the flowers from the wrestling club and that will be complete.

By the garage: (Please excuse the mess, that's gone now...)

Front of the house: (Planter is filled with river rock and then geraniums and petunias in the pots.)

At 1:00, I met Heidi and Kellan with TJ and Tuck. We were planning to walk the track, but TJ had other plans. He wanted to roam the town, so we did. We stopped and visited my friend Kathy and her mom while they were working on a HUGE painting project, roamed the streets and ended up in Andy Pafko park where we played for a good long while. By the time were left there it was almost 3! So, we walked straight to school and picked up the kids. We went back to the track to drop Heidi and the kids at their car and pick up TJ's bike that he refused to ride (I'll forgive him, has a popped tire...treads showing and an actual hole in the rubber. ) then we walked home. Rugby did homework and then we went out to work on my flower bed some more.

Here's the accident part:

While the kids were playing outside, they were told a couple times to stay away from the water hose. Needless to say, I have boys and their listening ears don't always work. So, Riley and TJ managed to pull the spigot out of the wall and break the pipe inside the house. WATER WATER EVERYWHERE in my basement. I have not a clean, dry towel. We borrowed a fan from one neighbor and a ShopVac from Kathy because.....we moved ours into storage. Tim ran to town to get parts to fix it while I tried cleaning up what I could. I vaccumed about 16 gallons of water. I have one piece of carpet laying on the driveway drying and there is another section of carpet downstairs that has fans blowing on it while the dehumidifier is running, also. UGH!!

Tim talked to Riley after it happened and he said "Riley, no matter what happens...."
(Riley stopped him) "I know you love me Dad"

So, now we have a new outdoor spigot and indoor shut off valve and a bit of new piping in the basement. Pray we get the water dry before the mold and mildew set in! (And before we have another showing!!)

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  1. I know it's May 1 (Happy May Day!) but I just can't make myself get ready to put out flowers--I'm sure we'll still get a frost. I did mow a lawn today though, with Gary laid up it's my job for a while. You're always so busy, it makes me tired!


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