Sunday, May 03, 2009

Busy busy busy!

Seems like we are constantly doing something! Today we got a chance to just relax with some friends and it was so nice! We went to Elmwood to pick up the motorcycle and drop off more boxes. While we were there, we helped our friends Adam and Kelly work on their yard a little bit, ate some dinner and took a walk to the creek (Which R&R and the dogs LOVED....TJ thought it was too cold.....good thing we only dipped his feet!!)

Thursday, a good friend of mine dropped off some extra paint that she had, so on Friday I painted our bedroom....took me ALL FRIGGING DAY. Ugh. I made extra sure that I was extra careful around the ceiling and base trim so I didn't tape anything. There were only a couple spots I wiped with my rag! :) It took close to 2 coats to make sure everything was covered, but the color is really nice and compliments the wood and our bedspread really well. Tim was amazed that I could paint our bedroom and not buy a new comforter and sheets! (To his credit, it is the first time that I've painted without actually doing that!) So, Saturday afternoon we were talking about the house and the open house we have coming up and I mentioned the kitchen needing to be painted and that I had more of that same tan-ish paint he jumped to it! Still needs a little touching up, but he did a great job and it looks SO MUCH BETTER than the yellow. He told me TODAY that he never liked the yellow and didn't even want to paint it when I brought it home, but listened to my daddy and just did it anyway. Ugh. At least we both like this color now!

On Saturday, I also managed to finish painting the shelving in the laundry room. They were just plywood and now they are flat white. I think I want to paint a strip of purple to match the base trim in the one upper cabinet and maybe find some purple-flowerish wrapping paper for the back of that cabinet, but for now it's fine. There's also some paneling in there that I'd like to paint. If I do that, then I think the sink mirror and base should also get a painted makeover and well, that's just too much to tackle right now since I have many more pressing projects.

We put the carpet over the trailer in the yard to dry, so I think that will be ready to go back downstairs tomorrow and then we can reassemble the basement and I might actually have access to my sewing again! I have curtains to make before the open house and a crayon roll to make for my Aunt Sandy's friend that I need to do ASAP. Maybe I'll pull my sewing machine upstairs for a few days and get them done. It shouldn't take long once I just sit and do it!

Ok, I've procrastinated from my menu planning long enough. Have a great day!!

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  1. You are a very busy girl!!!Good for you :)


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