Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is it...

What is it about Spring weather that bring my ambition back in FULL force?

Yesterday, I tore my living/dining room apart. I scrubbed the floor on hands and knees and then slowly put everything back where it goes or found it a new home. I only had half of it done when Tim got home from work, so it stayed like that overnight and today I mostly finished. I still have a dining room chair that matches our set that I don't know what to do with. I have 3 dining chairs that don't fit around the table unless I have at least one of the leaves in and I only put them in if we have company since they aren't the leaves that match the table. I guess that's what we get for buying clearance. Anyway, two of the chairs sit neatly by the front door for kids and guests to use to put on/take off shoes, etc. The other I'm not sure about. There isn't room for it there or anywhere else in the room really. TJ refuses to sit in a booster or I could put the table (gasp!) and the step stool that he uses fits nicely by the breakfast bar. Ugh, stubborn 2 year olds, lol!!

Then, I was playing a bit in the flowers. I have some that need to be cleaned up so the new can come growing through and new ones can be planted, but I haven't had much time out there. Tomorrow would be a good day, but it's supposed to be cold again tomorrow. Maybe Friday.

I also made some fabulous granola yesterday, check out Cafe Jessica for the recipe. I had it on yogurt this morning and that was yummy!

Well, I have to mop the front tile at the entry before we go get R&R from school and take them to JOY club, so I should get going. More tomorrow, I hope!!


  1. Jess you were a buys girl!

  2. Why do I always feel tired and/or lazy when I read what you've been doing? And with all the boys you have to have keep up with? How do you do it?


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