Thursday, March 19, 2009

I wanna sew!

I have a huge box of fabric my grandma sent home with me and another huge one she sent another time and I wanna do something with them, but I have housework that I've bee putting off...So, so I fold a weeks worth of laundry or sew.....hmm, that is a dilemma!

There is a pair of lounge pants that I want to make from this book I just got from the library (Thanks, Liz!)

There's another crayon roll or two that I want to make for the kids.

There's a camera strap cover I want to make.

LOL, OK, the kids distracted's 45 minutes after I started my little whining session above. I threw some clothes in the washer, so I'm at least partially working while I did the little project I'm about to show you. TJ.....refuses to sit in a booster. You read that yesterday and know that I have this extra chair to deal with. Part of my problem is that the dining room chairs are stained and NASTY! They are cream colored, you know I didn't pick them out. Anyway, we've had the set 3 years and it's falling apart, the upholstery is stained and I'm SO READY to make Tim make me at least new chairs, but I know that that is a looooooong way off so I did the next best thing.....recover them! I only did one so far, but I have enough material for at least 2 more. The material is hunter green with cream checks that are very tiny. I think this material will hide the stains a bit better than the cream. Plus, it's not upholstery fabric, it's cotton so it's cheap and I can replace it in 6 months or whenever without a lot of expense. I left the old upholstery on there and just covered it with the pretty green, and it matches the rest of the chairs so I can be mis-matched that seems to be "in-style" right now. Here's one chair I didn't do with the one that I did.

Pretty great, huh?! I love it!!

Now, TJ is going to be using that chair and we'll see how that goes.


  1. Great job on the chair! Looks really good! :)


  2. Hopefully I'll get a couple more done today! Are you coming over this weekend? R&R are wrestling on Saturday...

  3. The chairs looks nice. You're always doing something so creative. I love the crayon roll. Maybe you could make one for me to give Brit, if you have girly fabric?

  4. GREAT job on the chair! And the crayon roll! Can I borrow an ounce of your talent?!


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