Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're back!

And it feels so good!! It was nice to have the visit and see everyone, especially since this trip had more time than most and we could actually rest! But, it's always nice to be back home.

When we got back home I managed to unpack 3 of the kids, but Tucker and I are still packed and my living room looks like a tornado hit it because that's where everything got put when we unloaded. I will work through that today, I hope.

Yesterday, I had to run to town and get some groceries. I wanted to make granola two weeks ago, but was out of brown sugar and molasses so I couldn't even make my own so we did without and I couldn't find raw hazelnuts at walmart (imagine that, lol!) so I wanted to make a trip to the health food store in Menomonie and get hazelnuts and see if they had washing soda and castile soap (they didn't. ugh.) So, I had another extra stop added to the grocery shopping since those are things our walmart doesn't carry, either. I did manage to find them at the old lady grocery store that's closer to the college. Seems that if I can't get it at walmart, I can get it there and I did!! They didn't have castile soap, but they had Fels-Naptha and that'll work fine for my purposes....I'm making laundry soap! I did the math, and it'll cost me .03 or .06 per load depending on how much soap I end up using. It's only .96 a batch and a batch is either 17 or 34 loads, depending on the amount of soap again. So, MUCH more cost effective for my limited budget and it's more earth friendly, also!! LOVE THAT! I'll post again after I make and use it.

I made a crayon roll before I left on our little mini-vaca so I'll have to post pix of that later, too. I have more sewing projects up my sleeve, too since my awesome Grandma-In-The-Woods sent a HUGE box of fabric home with me. I should be busy for a long while with all those fabrics! Lots of pretty prints and some vintage fabrics that I still need to find a project for. All in time. Plus, I should be packing and cleaning and hope to find some kids to babysit for soon, too.

Alright, I'll try to be back later with pictures, etc but will most likely have to wait til tomorrow. Enjoy the beautiful weather!! It's supposed to be 65 here today and I can't wait. The kids and I walked home from school yesterday and plan to do that again today. YAY for spring!!

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  1. axiously waiting for pictures of the trip :)


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