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The Year in Review

2008 was quite a year for us. I really like this blog thing....I can look back and remember all the cool and not so cool stuff that we me, it's better than scrapbooking. All my pictures have words and descriptions and I remember things so much better this way! Not to mention it's cheaper!! :) So, here's our review. Thanks for not sending the angry mob after me for not having this up Friday!

: What a way to start the year! TJ got tubes. Then two weeks later, Rugby got tubes. And we worked on the house.

: I cracked the whip and we got a few more projects started around the house. Many of them are now completed....others are still "in production." The kids and I made sugar cookies for the grandparents for Valentine's and I made spaghetti FOR FORTY. We also had a short-lived game with the of the weekend where we charged them for using whatever word it was that day. Tim and I paid, too. It was fun but we never kept up with it. I banned stuffed animals from the house and Tucker had his first bites of REAL food!

March: This month was a muddy and messy one for the kids, but they had a ton of fun!! They wrestled in TWO tournaments and got to take a trip to the super cool Children's Museum in St. Paul. We also went to a Tech Ed conference in Wisconsin Dells and stayed at Chula Vista resort that has a waterpark. We went with another family and had SO MUCH FUN! And we had some sort of funky bird in the yard. I think my dad said it was a Hungarian Partridge. Whatever he was, he was tasty! :)

April: Rugby hung himself upside down from the tree fort and was sleep walking. I got to have a massage WITHOUT taking any of the kids along! I was preggo with twins for a short while and we painted the living room to later have an accident destroy many things...but no injuries so we were good to go!

May: My uncle married my old 4th grade teacher. It was awesome to welcome Aunt Brenda to the family! Uncle looks so happy every time he sees her. I'm thrilled for them! His divorce was kind of hard on him and her life has been no cakewalk, either so it's awsome to see the two of them so happy! And their kids all get along, so that's better yet!! At the end of the month, RUGBY TURNED 7! WOW! Where has the time gone? We put on a super cool science party for him (his choice of themes) and had the most disgusting but coolest birthday cake evah! (Seriously, if you don't remember, click the link for May and go look through the birthday pix. It was so cool and SO GROSS!)

June: We rode our bikes, did plenty of fishing, laid hardwood floors in the living room and met a new neighbor (the guy with all the rhubarb). We ended up putting 175 CUPS of rhubarb in the freezer on top of everything I used to make jam and cakes and tortes with. Much of it is still in the freezer. I should make some of that chocolate chip rhubarb cake from the summer. I joined a weightloss challenge and ended up losing 25 pounds between May and August. YAY ME!

July: July was a busy month for us! We had a little GRADUATION party for my dear hubby who missed his graduation ceremony for my Uncle's wedding back in May. We were back "home" for the 4th of July festivities this year, like always. We had a birthday party at my mom and dad's for TJ (2) and Tucker (1). We picked berries and made pie and played in the pool. Tim spent much of this month traveling for work, so the kids and I were all alone but that wasn't too bad! I got to spend plenty of time riding my bike, too.

August: Tim and I celebrated Tucker's FIRST birthday and our EIGHTH anniversary! It was kinda sad that Tim was in NY for it, but it wasn't all bad as I got to go there and stay with him for the weekend at the end of the month and my Amazing SIL's Christine and Sue watched the kids for me! That's right, Tim and Me alone in NYC with NO KIDS! It was a great weekend and a super way to wrap up the summer! I took the kids to the Pickle Fest here in town and got some funny looks, but that's alright! I also posted some random kid them fishing with my dad and TJ packed and ready to leave....cute stuff!!

September: The kids started back to school. Rugby in 2nd grade and Riley in Kindergarten. I can't believe how time flies! Riley is working with the first graders on reading and Rugby is in the highest group of 2nd graders (they are reading 4th grade level books). They are both excelling in their classes and doing great! Riley got in a little trouble for punching a girl, but other than that they're great! lol! The kids and I went picking apples and berries, too and even did a little fishing when Tim came home. Also, RILEY TURNED 6!! (How'd that miss the blog? I am going to plan a half-birthday party for him since we never had a birthday party other than grandma and grandpa being here and Tim coming home)

October: I guess this was the month of the meme. I seemed to do plenty of them in October. The kids got to play with my friend Monica's dog, Oliver, when we went home for ANOTHER visit. We finished more projects on the house. I am STILL loving the "bunker" storage area. Bestest ever! Tim still has some projects to do, but they are getting fewer and fewer.

November: Tim had a birthday and so did I. Rugby found out he needed glasses and Riley cried that he didn't. Rugby knit some hats for babies at the hospital. At Christmas, my uncle gave him money to buy more yarn to make more hats and he's already started. He got some blue and some more girl-ish color. He's been working on that sporadically but it's one thing that he keeps going back to. I think I have 3 or 4 hats that he's finished in my closet waiting to take to the hospital. I also made our annual Misfit/Orphan Thanksgiving Dinner. It was a smaller crowd than last year, but it was still really nice! Both my mom and Tim's parents were here the weekend before that, so we did get to see family even it they weren't here for the actual event. Tim's grandparents joined us for Thanksgiving and the neighbors and Rugby and Riley's friend Brandon and his Pappa. It was fun and I can't wait to do it again next year, though we're hoping to be in a different house by then!

December: TIM STARTED TEACHING! (how'd that miss the blog, too?) I found out I have damaged my corneas and need to wear my contacts 24/7 for the next year to correct least it's correctable! R&R had Christmas programs at school and we got to have a very merry Christmas back home with our families! The kids loved all their presents and the time we got to spend with all the Grandma's and Grandpas! We were gone from BV for 6 days, so that's a lot of special time!! TJ got a huge stuffed Elmo that he now carries around all the time...and his nuk can go in the pocket in the back, so he's thrilled about that!! Tucker got a cookie monster without the pocket and likes to snuggle up with that, too. R&R got remote control creatures from Uncle Tom and like to try to scare me with them....when they aren't walking around with their MP3's plastered to their heads or fighting over the Wii.

So, that was our year. I was trying to post some pictures from Christmas but Blogger isn't letting me so I'll just post and let it go. Happy (really belated!) New Year!!

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  1. WOW you certainly had a very busy year!!!!
    Hugs~ Kim


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