Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's over.

I had my last birthday yesterday. I'm done with them now. I have a good friend who is having her last in June. We're going to be each others comparison. "Yes, I'm 29. I can prove it. (shows picture) She's 29, too!" Lovely how that will work, right?

I never really thought I'd be the one to have a problem with "growing older". I am constantly telling Tim that it doesn't matter to me, but as he was teasing me yesterday, it did bother me. And then it bothered me more that he wouldn't stop. And today it bothers me that I only feel ok joking about my age, but I'm not ok with him doing it. Ugh. I hate that.

Anyway, yesterday was awful. It started out that I had a headache and laid on the couch most of the day. Tim forgot, but claimed that he didn't. He and the kids quickly made a card on the computer and we ate leftovers and frozen pizza. I wanted to go swimming, but with my headache, I wasn't going anywhere. Then, my friend Kathy and two of her kids came over for a visit. That was really nice. So, that was yesterday. Today I have a little headache, but not like it was yesterday.

Enough complaining! On to the good stuff! Leave me a comment on this post by December 5th and you could win something fabulous! It might be a loaf of my fresh caramel apple bread or a jar of jam I made or it might even be handcrafted jewelry! Ya never know. I'll post the prize and the winner on the 6th!

**EDIT: I HAVE A PRIZE!! I have a Taste Of Home Fast Fixes With Mixes Cookbook for the lucky winner! These things are so easy, even my SIL Lisa can make them....very minimal ingredients and quick to throw together and make it look like you slaved away all day!


  1. Happy Birthday Jess!The way I look at it age does not matter it is how you feel :)

    Hope your headache is gone.

  2. Happy Birthday Jessie! It just matters that you are young at heart. and....shame on Tim for forgetting!!

  3. Wait until someone tells you you are 60!!! You want to feel old? But then they go away and you forget you are supposed to be that old. And don't forget...we will always be younger than our husbands!!! Too bad you had a bad day of it. You need a little pampering after this past week. Love you.

  4. I hope its a fudge pie...but I don't know how you would get it to me. At least on our side of the family we will always be the youngest!

  5. Happy Birthday Jess! Sorry to hear you celebrated with a headache! I know exactly what you mean about the age thing! I think in June I will be celebrating my last too! ha ha! The sad part for me is I will be 29 with NO kids yet, and still a college student! Ahhhh...what a scary thought! Hope your Thanksgiving was a GREAT one!
    Hugs~ Kim

  6. You obviously don't celebrate Birthday Week, Ben NEVER forgets my Birthday because the entire week before is Birthday week. There is no teasing or biting or pinching or yelling at Mom or anything bad, it is a full week of gifts and happiness... That makes Birthdays more bearable as well!
    Happy Birthday!
    Kris P.

  7. I was hoping you would have a better b-day than you did. Well at least you get to repeat this birthday over and over again, right? ;) Ha, ha.

    Next time, ditch the family and come with me :)


  8. Sorry Tim forgot your birthday and headaches are the worst anyday but especially on your birthday!!

    Happy Birthday, just the same and my dad has been 29 for as long as I can remember, he actually is 52 but he has claimed to be 29 for so long that he often forgets his real age so I guess its mind over matter.

    Hope your day today is better!!



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