Monday, December 01, 2008


Did you know that my mother calls me "Martha"?? Tis true. I love baking and cooking and crafting, all GOOD THINGS for a martha-type to know and enjoy. And I love crafting with the kids, too. My little Rugby is the craft king, he just goes nuts for yarn and construction paper, add a little glue and I swear it's worse than a sugar buzz for the kid! So, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a website that has some awesome ideas for crafting with the kidlets. It's called The Crafty Crow and EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. there's a new project! It's great! (And on Monday's there are giveawys, but you don't need to know that part. wink, wink!) So, check it out when you need a crafty little project with your kids! And come back after Christmas to see what awesome thing I made for the nephew and nieces this year! I don't know if it will top the appliqued bath towels or the fleece pillowcases, but it's pretty cool!

(And check out the post below for a giveaway from me!!)

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