Saturday, October 11, 2008


BOY OH BOY is Timmy going to be surprised when he gets home! I put the last 10 screws into the cabinet thing he built me for the basement. Our friend Adam affectionately refers to my storage area as the bunker, so I guess I have a new bunker. I am loving it! I'm low on a few things so I may have to rearrange when I pick them up, but for now it's all set up. So easy to see what I have and the kids are able to reach a good deal of it so I can send R&R to get things now. YAY! Don't you just love it? (Aside from the neon green paint that was already there)

Then, because our little friend "Not Me" came to visit and peel paint off the wall while he was here, I painted the (formerly) blue bathroom. We still had some "Suede" from painting the basement walls, so I used that and there was BARELY enough, but I did finish and have a tiny bit left over for touchups. SWEET! This was a "free" make over for the bathroom.....aside from new curtains which I think I'll probably end up buying....maybe I can get some on Clearance at Wally-world. We'll see. The color is very similar to the other upstairs bathroom, but does make it feel bigger and a whole lot brighter, especially inside the shower.

So, after all that I ordered pizza and we watched a movie. I should probably do dishes (from yesterday) before going to bed tonight. Hope you're having a good weekend!


  1. Okay...I want a bunker (we used to call my mom's pantry in the basement the bomb shelter :) )! I love that..and you're so organized...I might have to get some tips!

  2. omg, your boys are precious. MrB had 3 younger brothers and swears we're going to have nothing but boys. how do you handle being out numbered????

  3. WOW!! you go girl! And while you're at it, I have a few projects here for you to tackle, if you're interested. My master bedroom closet is a wreck!!!!


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