Friday, October 10, 2008

Just so random

I take SCORES of pictures of the boys. I haven't printed pictures other than what I need to mail to family in at least 3 years. It's bad. There's this incredible backlog of photos that I'd love to have in albums for the kids, but I'm sure it'll never happen. I know this lady that has doubles printed and keeps two albums of the same for her and one for her son (can you tell he's an only?!) I'd love to do that, but with the four kids, I'd settle for each to just have their own. Anyway, the whole point of this post is simply to share a few of the many photos of the last month or two that I haven't yet. There's things that I don't even remember to blog about. Like when Rugby refused to go to bed until we'd pulled his tooth and now he looks like a jack o'lantern.

There's fun stuff, too, like when we went home for a visit a couple weeks ago, Riley got moved to the way back seat so that he and Rugby could watch a movie and Tim and I looked back to see this.... So sweet! While we were there, we got to visit Auntie Monica and the kids played with Oliver. I think they all liked that! I think that Rugby even got over his slight fear of dogs, too. Tucker had to try and get in on the action like he always does....heaven forbid he be left behind!
So, anyway, there's a bit of randomness from the last few weeks. I need to take a few pictures of the house, it's ready to be listed except for a couple pieces of trim and some major cleaning of the garage (which will have to be done after we list it). Tim undertook a major (he says minor) project for me today. He took out the nasty, droopy shelves between the chimney in the basement and built in new shelves that are correctly braced and added extra shelves and depth to them and some more shallower shelves on the sides for canned goods. I am LOVING this so far! He's gone cutting wood for some friends this weekend so I may end up finishing it, but it is wonderful to have it to the point that I can finish or wait til Sunday for him to do it. I love being married to a carpenter! Watch for those soon!

Have a good weekend, I have a little project planned for tomorrow while he's gone, so I don't know if I'll check in or not. (watch for pix of that, too!)

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  1. The pic of the boys holding hands is just the BEST!!!


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