Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Word of the Weekend

(2 updates in one day, are you shocked yet?!)

Sunday, we started a new game with the kids. It's intended purpose (at least for me) was to get Rugby to quit saying "Yaaaaaaaaa" instead of "yes". Didn't quite turn out that way, but it did morph into a fun awareness game.

The idea is that every time ANYONE (Tim and I included) say "the word of the day" that person has to pay a dime into the bucket. Sunday the word was "Yaaaaaa" and Rugby had to pay ALOT, but yesterday, the word was "No" and we ALL had to pay alot. We're using it as a way for all of us to become more aware of what we're actually saying. It's been fun, Rugby and Riley are learning about making change since they have lots of quarters, but not as many dimes and nickles. All the money that is accumulated will be for something fun like going out for ice cream. (I wish there were a Dairy Cove out here!)

We were planning to play daily, but even just playing it after school was out yesterday was EXPENSIVE, so we've cut it back to Friday thru Sunday. There's already close to $5 in their bucket!

So, anyway, that's another little something we've been up to....

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