Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Catch up!

I'm going to attempt to catch up on the last couple weeks. At least the stuff I have pictures for....

Rugby post-tubes....all he wanted was a popsicle.
Rugby and his awesome nurses....
Dr. Kimberly even posed for a shot with Bug!
Playing "Slap Jack" a couple days later:
Ravioli boy:
Can't sleep? Crawl in bed with Daddy!
Helping Mom make cookies
I helped TJ in, but Riley was already there. They were making sure Tucker was alright. He screams like you would not believe when he rolls onto his back. He doesn't like it one little bit! (Plus, he's teething)
Riley and Rugby playing Cribbage. Yes, actually PLAYING Cribbage. Tim taught Rugby and Riley wanted to learn, too, so he has been teaching them both to play. Rugby beat Tim on the second game! He's looking forward to the Harmelink party because he wants the trophy! We'll see how he's doing then, but that is a year away and he's been playing about every other day. Rugby is doing better with it than Riley, but Riley's still awful young....it's been improving math skills and number recognition for both of them, though.
HELP! It's an exotic blue polar bear sleeping under the blanket of snow we got yesterday! (Actually, it's TJ's sled that the boys left lay in the yard) We got a pretty healthy dose of snow, but nothing major.
I'll try and be better about the updates from now on! PROMISE!

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  1. Good Morning......Yeah new pictures. How awesome! They are sweet...MOM


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