Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rugby's New Coat

Rugby had a nice, warm Columbia jacket this year. It was a really nice coat....thin but warm. Problem was in the zipper. Even I had a hard time getting it to work properly. Rugby wrestled with that thing every single time he put on his coat. It was terrible and frustrating for both of us. Yesterday, I was in Walmart and their winter coats were half off so Rugby got a new coat! He likes it and it's so much easier to zip. Plus, it's got a zip out liner so he can wear it as his spring coat, too!


  1. Nice coat Gubby!! Love you ...Granny

  2. I really like those kind of coats for my boys too.I like that we only have to buy one coat for year around too instead of 2-3!

    Nice looking Jacket!


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