Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Does this bother anyone else or am I the only one??

My kids have WAY TOO MANY STUFFED ANIMALS! UGH!!! Every time I turn around I'm stepping on, tripping over, or picking up one critter or another. Last night, 4 more hit the trash can. I just can't handle it! They each have a couple that they like to sleep with, but for the most part they are just dust collecting clutter balls. I'm thinking I am banning the stuffed animals from the house. I'll let them each have a couple (like 2 or 3 each, that's still up to 12 stuffed animals in the house.)

And really, do they serve a purpose other than being something cuddly to sleep with? Not here. They aren't play things like they might be if there were four little girls around here instead of the four little boys. They don't even use them for dumping out of the dump truck or driving over or ANYTHING other than sleeping with. We've got a few stuffed fish, I think Nemo and Flounder, that are supposed to be in the fishing room in the fish basket, but they think it's fun to take them out of that, so they're rarely in there either.

So, it's on: THE GREAT STUFFED ANIMAL BAN OF 2008 AND BEYOND! Making my house critter free! Who's in?


  1. Ummm… little girls don't play with t

  2. Have you entered the "Webkin" world yet? They are taking over my house...beware!!

  3. You mean I have to bring back those 4 big bunnies I bought for Easter!?!

  4. Ben is in, I am not! Heath plays with his dogs all the time - they all have names and he is attached to them. I can't immagine taking the "pets" away from him!
    Kris P.

  5. I think that's a little different, though....he's playing with them and is attached to them. These boys don't even notice when they disappear....

  6. I am jumping in and doing this too.Great idea Jess!I am tired of so many too and no one plays with them.


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