Friday, January 04, 2008


Ok, so we're 4 days in, how's it going so far?

Things here are looking up and down. Broke, but that's our own choice and we're making due. Tim graduates in May, then things will get better (I HOPE!) Up in the sense that Tim is getting projects done around here, re-connecting with the boys in a MAJOR way. Riley was copying him yesterday and it was so cute. TJ hangs on him and Rugby has become a little project warrior. CONSTANTLY wants to work on a project with Tim. They've gotten a few little projects done that have made a MAJOR difference. Also, yesterday we saw another ENT for TJ's ears and this one was AWESOME! He explained our options (tubes vs. meds), that environmental factors really don't affect this and that tubes would probably be our best option. So, TJ is getting tubes.....Tuesday. That's right, he can get him in that quick. WOOHOO! We've only been fighting ear infections since LAST January. So, Monday I can call to find out what time to arrive for surgery on Tuesday and all that other fun jazz.

I have some pictures to post, but the camera batteries are dead. I've been keeping up with my Project 365, though! I created a Flickr account to post them all on and I've been posting them on Mommysavers. I'll create a link for the Flickr thing for you later.

Anyway, Tim's off cutting wood with Adam today, R&R are at school, and TJ & TJ are sleeping, so I'm going to go charge batteries and get something done. More later.

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