Monday, December 31, 2007

Here we go!

I promised a blog entry and this one should be large! I mean it's been 10 days, so I should have SOMETHING to post.

First: The Harmelink Party. Santa came to visit. The kids all loved that. Here's a few photos.

That night, we stayed at Blue Harbor in Sheboygan. The kids LOVED the waterpark. Even TJ had a good time there.

The next day, we met up with my family at a hotel in Green Bay. There was just a pool and hot tub there, but the kids still managed to have a good time. There were lots of other kids to play with, so they were in heaven.

Then, Christmas eve was quiet with just us and my parents at their house. Santa snuck in before we opened presents, so the kids got to open them up at the same time as the other presents. They had so much fun! They loved that Santa brought gift certificates for NEW BIKES!

Christmas Day, we spent with Tim's family in Gresham. Everyone was there except Ethan and the girls since the girls weren't feeling well. We sure missed them! That night, Tim, Joel and Susie took all the kids sledding on the Gresham Hill. We ended up spending the night there since Tim and I were both tired, but it was nice to not be rushed.

The next night we headed home to find 6 INCHES of snow in the driveway. Apparently, it snowed the whole while we were gone. So, after an hour of snowblowing, we finally pulled the van and TRAILER into the driveway. (We left without the trailer and ended up bringing one home because my FABULOUS In-laws sent home bunk beds for Riley and TJ!!)

So, Friday we spent the day setting up the bunk beds. This meant that Rugby and Riley/TJ had to switch rooms. Did that, then Tim decided to make my front hall closet functional. He added shelves to the sides for shoes and took out the bar (since it was too narrow for hangers to work properly) and added hooks to the back. IT IS SO NICE NOW!! We are loving it. Late Friday night, (around 8) Tim decided that he wanted to re-arrange the living room, so I wasn't going to turn that offer down. Here's the after's:

Saturday we had dinner with Adam and Kelly and Adam's dad. I made sour cream chicken enchiladas. YUMMY! Aside from Adam burning the corn, it was good!

Sunday was a lazy day.

Today, Rugby and Riley had Alyx and Brandon here to play. They had fun in the snow. Even TJ got out there for a bit.

Tonight, Adam and Kelly are coming over for dinner and games. Watch Cafe Jessica for dinner details tomorrow!


  1. the living room looks good like that! sounds like christmas was fun for the boys, and you did end up staying at the water park place. sorry i missed your call on christmas :( work wears me out this time of year, i didn't even hear the phone. talk soon-Monica

  2. Looks like you all are having a good time over the holidays!
    Happy New Year Jess!


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