Monday, November 26, 2007

Is my life really that boring?

There are days (like today) where I feel like I am completely overwhelmed. The kids are fighting, hubby is hiding in his room (says he's doing homework), baby is sick, and mama is tired. I really could use a FULL 24 HOUR DAY away. I feel under appreciated, though I don't know why. Tim is great about helping (if I ask), bringing me flowers, and picking out fabulous gifts and trinkets throughout the year. He's very much into the thought that counts and I love that. I love him. I'm just tired and crabby tonight.

Marvelousness coming tomorrow!


  1. you can run away to my house! PS watch the mail for your bday present :)

  2. I expected a full rundown of your Thanksgiving feast! Oh well, I guess you're entitled to a bad day, too. It should just make others appreciate our good days. Loie :)

  3. When and if you do get 'Granted' the twenty four hours away day, please call me. I can fit in your trunk. I don't take up much space.

    (Hang in there)

  4. some days are just like that I think.


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