Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Marvelousness: Coming Soon!

I only wish that I had fabulous news to report. This morning, I was feeling much better and more in control....that thought quickly went south. Let's hope it comes back before too long. TJ had a doctor appointment today. A quick 15 minute re-check of his ears turned into a 3 HOUR excursion that involved a chest x-ray, one doctor, several nurses, a respitory therapist, 2 nebulizer treatments, 3 prescriptions, and 2 shots....not all for TJ, though. Mr. Tucker got in on the action while we were there. Shall I explain? Ok. TJ has a cold...thought it was anyway. Runny nose, cough...pretty normal for him and the MILLION ear infections, so she checks him over and he's wheezing and has a rattle in his lungs. She orders the nebulizer for him. Then checks the ears and it's infected AGAIN. So, since he's been on so many meds for that, this time he gets the "magic" shot. We see the ENT on Friday, so we'll see how that goes. Then, she checks out Tucker. Right away she doesn't like his breathing. He's making rattle-y noises and she's asking about a cough. "You mean the barking sound he makes?" Yea. Then, she checks his ears and one is bright red. Great. So, she goes out of the room and comes back. She sent for the respitory therapist to come up and look at him. He orders a neb treatment for Tuck and she orders an antibiotic shot for him so I don't have to jam meds down his throat. Then, she wasn't feeling good about what she heard in TJ's lungs, so she ordered a chest x-ray. He was NOT happy about that at all. It meant that he had to be in the room alone without mom and Tuck. OH NO! He screamed the whole time and wouldn't take the sticker til I was holding him. Then it was like "Oh No, you di'in't just try to take that away" We went back upstairs and waited for Dr. Stygar to read the x-ray. Yup, pneumonia. So, a script for that, a script for the nebulizer machine, and a script for the nebulizer meds. I could really use an industrial size box of calgon about now (Or more of Uncle's pear wine, YUM!) So here's the final diagnosis: TJ has Ear infection, bronchitis and pneumonia. Tucker has ear infection and croup. Honestly, I think it's time for a nap. BUT! I did promise last week to do something fabulous, SO! Comment on this post with your favorite holiday tradition and that'll be your entry into a drawing for something hand beaded by me. It might be a necklace or earrings or a bracelet or a key chain or wine glass charms or some other creative work of art created in my very own dining room. Think of all the possibilities! It'd be a great gift for yourself or to give away with that big red and green holiday coming up. So, each comment is an entry until Friday at noon. I probably won't have time to re-post til then, anyway! GOOD LUCK!



  1. Poor Mom, poor kids. I hope your little guys are feeling better soon.

  2. wow Jess.....what a day!!! Need I say, welcome to the life of boys and children born so close together (they share everything)

    Sherri *momsonline*

  3. Wow...what a day.
    I'm exhausted just reading about it, and you & the crew had to live it.

    Bless your heart.
    You need a Mimosa & a hot bath.

  4. Oh, Christmas Traditions...

    This one may be done everywhere...I dont' know.

    On Christmas Eve, we got new pajamas. I loved it.
    So of course, now that I have a son of my own, we all get new pajamas for Christmas Eve.


  5. Ava has gotten the 'magic shot' as well - that is after trying every other kind of meds. On that note, I just purchased an octoscope so that I can have a look at Ava's ears (rightfully branded Doctor Mom). I wish I could be more encouraging, but I'll just say that I understand - and that I hope the meds work.

    So - a christmas tradition - one of my favorites growing up (and still now) is getting the Christmas stocking on Christmas morning.

  6. Wow Jessie! Nice routine dr appt. Leah had croup when she was little. It was not fun. Hopefully yours will be better.

    My favorite tradition is getting together with the entire family. It is one of the few times that the gang is all there.

  7. Aww Jess, Sorry the boys are feeling so bad, hope they are back to their normal selves soon!!

  8. My favorite holiday tradition is: Junk Cookies... Let me explain..
    My dad has rheumetoid arthritis, and has had it since he was about 30ish, his hands are pretty much crippled up, sometime during the week before christmas my mom would need time to herself in her room- she was wrapping presents we come to find out later, but when we were small we thought she was napping, anway my dad would rally the troops, aka my little brother and I and take us to the kitchen to make cookies, he would get a box of I think Betty Crocker Choc Chip Cookie mix and my brother and I would mix it up while dad dumped the ingredients in, because the batter got pretty stiff and dad couldn't do it with his hands the way they were, anyway the reason I call them junk cookies is because dad wasn't satisfied with just plain ol Choc Chip Cookies he put all kinds of junk in them, extra choc chips, walnuts, and m&m's were the favs!! Then he would spoon it all out and bake them. I still ask for junk cookies every year, my dad always says no,that he doesn't have the time but I know he is teasing me because every Christmas I get some, it wouln't be christmas without Dads junk cookies!!!

  9. My favorite holdiay tradition is getting together with the Krause Family on Christmas Eve. We have a HUGE lay out of food (all sorts) and have a big pig out. We exchange names and open gifts that night.

    I hope your boys are feeling better soon! Hang in there!

  10. Wow Jess what a day!Hope everyone is feeling better soon.Poor little guys!

  11. Does the buckeyes with alchol in the count?Just kidding!

    I don't really have a tradition but it is something we all do every year.I love putting up the tree with the kids and they are so short they get all the ornament on the bottom and when they are done get there pajamas on and I take a picture of them in front of the tree every year.Well I get it is Traditonal.When they go to bed I move all the ornaments up to the top and take another picture.I keep the second picture put away and will put them next to each other when the kids are grown to show them LOL.

  12. Your day reminds me of a book Rachel had when she was little titled "What a Day Dad Had". I don't remember if it was Dr Seuss or something else. I hope the sickies are better soon & no one else gets it!

    Rach & I have always done holiday baking but last year I hope we started a Tradition. I invited her & whoever she wanted to bring over on a Saturday before Finals. They needed to tell me what we were making ahead of time so I could have the ingredients on hand, then everyone helped bake. We gots lots of variety! Then everyone could take a plate or pan of assorted goodies back to the Dorm. I hope it helped their test scores! I realize part of this tradition will pass when they're no longer in College, but I hope we can still have a 'Baking Day' together. Loie :)

  13. Happy Birthday!

    Loie :)

  14. Hey, your day sounds like our holiday traditions. With grandparents who smoke, my kids ended up with bronchitis or pneumonia every Christmas!

    We are proud owners of a nebulizer, that (knock on wood) hasn't been used in months, if you end up needing to purchase one, call me first.

    Miss you!
    Kris P.


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