Monday, November 19, 2007

Countdown to Thanksgiving!

The countdown is on! Just a few more days!! We're having people over here this year that have no place else to go. I've got a HUGE bird waiting to roast, stuffing, pies, cranberries, baked beans (because Timmy thinks we need them), green bean casserole, venison, rolls, squash, jello salad and maybe even a peanut butter cheesecake. I can't wait! Here's a few pictures that I've neglected posting recently...

TJ stuck on the drawer...

"Helping" Timmy install countertop in the kitchen...

The new fort Tim built for the boys....

Making their mom nervous on the new fort...

My new countertop VERY VERY close to going in....

My beautiful new countertop all in and gorgeous!

My pretty kitchen...(if only it were bigger!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'll post a gain after the holiday with something GRAND!


  1. Your counter top looks beautiful!! Can't wait to see it....TJ is a big help for dad isn't he? That is so neat!

  2. Wow!! That looks GREAT Jess. Nice handy work Tim!

    By the way, love the fort too! The boys will have a blast!

  3. Hey, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving at the Bosmans!! See you tomorrow for the "good-old-fashion" cooking :)


  4. When do you find the time to do all this?????

  5. Something Grand Huh? Hmmm what could that be.... I'm guessing....
    Is it something that you were guessing a few weeks ago? Ok can't wait to find out!!

  6. peanut butter cheesecake? I hope you will make some more for Christmas!

  7. What busy boys you have, guess you have to be so busy to keep up huh? Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!

  8. Ok Jess, its after Thanksgiving, LOL I have been checking and rechecking the blog to see what the grand news is, ok ok give it up and tell me already the suspense is too much!! LOL


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