Thursday, October 18, 2007

Uh-oh! I got to meet a State Trooper

Trooper M. Brede of St. Croix County to be exact. Lovely young man, actually. From what I gathered googling him, he just graduated to Trooper in June. Apparently, 75 isn't an acceptable speed in a 65 zone. Huh. So, he thought he'd stop me so he could WARN me to be a bit more "mindful" (his word) of my speed. "And how many kids do you have in there?" LOL! I had countertop over TJ and Tucker and Riley was in the way back. Told me that next time that should really go on top of the van.....hmm, maybe he's willing to come lift it then, that stuff is HEAVY! Anyway, he was nice enough to just give me a warning. PHEW! So, that was my adventure yesterday. :) Hope you're having a great day.

We leave after school to head to mom and dad's to stay for Jason's wedding!! See you here on Monday, my photography blog will probably have an update then, too with wedding pix!!

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