Thursday, August 16, 2007

Finally some pictures...

Here's some pictures for all of you waiting ever so patiently out there in blog-land. Enjoy!

Tucker......MINUTES old. Very purple and very scary!

About an hour old...still purple. The dimple thing in his chest will eventually go away.

Several hours old. Better color....notice the bruise on his head from the vaccume.

Granny and Tucker just before mom left on Monday. Notice the green on his blanket....that's the bili-blanket for jaundice.

TJ isn't sure what to think of the new brother....

All four of my boys!

This is Sunday while Tucker was under the phototherapy lights and on the bili-blanket for jaundice. Love the little mask. :)

Rugby meeting Tucker for the first time (Saturday)

Riley meeting Tucker.

Even Tim's Uncle Tim got to meet Tucker. (Aunt Cindy was there, too but I didn't get a pic of Tucker with her.)


  1. he's addorable! And he looks so tiny int he pic wiht all four boys. I wish I was closer so I could hold him! I'm glad things are going good :)

  2. Is is sooo cute! Scary in the first photos. I am glad that we get to see what he looks like. Seems like the boys have adjusted ok to their new brother.

  3. He's so teeny and cute!!!!! Hope he sleeps great for you, busy super duper mom!!!!!!! :)


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