Thursday, August 02, 2007

28 days and counting!!

Can you believe it?? 28 DAYS UNTIL THE BABY IS HERE! Things are going so fast! I have company coming this weekend (7 overnight guests and possibly a couple extra for breakfast Saturday), our old neighbors are talking about coming for a visit in the next couple weeks, Grandma and Grandpa in the woods are talking about visiting, and I'm meeting a friend from Oklahoma on August 15th, also. So, lots of company before the little man gets here and I can't wait. I think everyone wants to make sure that we're well taken care of while Timmy is on the road. Well, I should get back to my cleaning....I'm trying to get all the clothes into the correct sized rubbermaid containers...I have clothes all over the place, but most of them are in Tucker's crib in the basement, so they have to get out of there if I'm ever to get that moved upstairs to the old office that I haven't finished converting to nursery yet. I'm gonna talk my darling brother-in-law into helping me get the last of the 2x4's off the wall that held the desk up, (after he gets my 2 new ceiling fans in, that is....HOPEFULLY!) then I'll be able to patch holes, fix the texture, and paint. After kids are in bed tonight I want to wash the kitchen and both bathroom floors, then I should be about set for the company coming tomorrow night. So, look for another update from us sometime after Monday! Have a great weekend!!

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  1. No, I CAN'T believe it -- only 28 more days 'til the baby?! WOW, that went fast!!!!!! Can't wait to see the little guy!!!!


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