Thursday, July 26, 2007

Little update

Sorry that I have no pix with this one, but at least it's an update....

Tim got another A!! YAY!! This was on a class about Co-op Coordination (like a school to work type program). His professor liked some of his ideas and there are some really positive comments on the papers Tim submitted. I am so proud of him!! What an amazing father he is to be able to do his school work to that level and take care of all of us! I thank God everyday for him!

I had therapy this morning and the therapist was impressed that I've gotten better!! (Hmm, amazing what happens when you follow his instructions. lol!) I've actually been icing my back and putting my feet up and doing the stretches and it's been helping. I'm still sore, but not actually in pain which is really nice! Then, I took the kids to walmart for our weekly grocery shopping trip....1 1/2 hours later we are leaving. UGH! I hate when it takes that long. But, on the positive side, I got most of the school supplies (just need a backpack for Riley since Rugby is gonna use last years and a couple "glossy" folders...I know they'll go on sale a little later....and some socks for both boys!) I also got them sneakers on a clearance rack for $9 each. WOOHOO! They are thrilled that they both get Spiderman shoes. They are different styles so that we'll all be able to tell apart whose is whose. TJ was good until close to the end, but it was 1:30 and we left home at 10:30, so they all did a super job! R&R got to have lunchables in the car on the way home and TJ and I ate when we got here.

R&R have been going to VBS this week at the same church that they go to JOY Club at. The theme is RESCUE ZONE about being saved. Tomorrow night is parents/awards night so TJ and I will be able to see what they've been up to this week. Anyway, that's about all the news I have tonight. Hopefully I'll have more for you tomorrow (if I'm not too tired to post when we get home!)


  1. Colby and Brady always get a treat when they are super good at the Walmart too!!
    Congrats to Tim for his A!!
    Hope your back continues to do well!! Its hard to follow the dr orders, I am bad about that too.

  2. I love Wal-Mart!!! Just got a bunch of my own school supplies there. Like TJ, Andrew also gets fussy when the shopping trip goes over an hour!!


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