Sunday, August 05, 2007

That's a house-full!

This weekend, I had a WHOLE HOUSE FULL of company. It was "Bosmanfest" this weekend! So, Friday night Tim's sisters Lisa, Sue and Christine, his brother Tom, and Christine's kids Ryan and Leah stayed over night. Saturday night we added sister Stephanie and her daughter Claire to the mix. Yes, that's really 8 people in addition to the 4 of us normally here (since Tim is gone). We had air mattresses set up in the basement and the pull out couch and I (hope!) think everyone slept well. It was so much fun! Saturday, Bosmanfest was held at Wakanda Park in Menomonie. It's a nice little waterpark, and there are several pavillions with picnic tables, so we were able to be there. Cousins from Michigan, Kansas, and Wisconsin (sorry if I missed any states) were there. (South Carolina and Denver were represented by Tim's dear sisters). I've got more pix to post, but, for now, here's the whole clan.....Tom and I are missing from the pictures (that's a WHOLE other post!) but I think everyone else is on there.


  1. Thanks Jess for the hospitality - and clothing - and jam - etc. You are the best sister-in-law!!!

  2. Paradis Family~8/10/2007 10:40 AM

    That sounds like alot of fun.


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