Friday, June 22, 2007

Long time, no update....

Sorry about that. I guess the biggest news is that TJ IS WALKING! He'll take a few steps between Tim and me before he falls. He gets very excited about it and that's usually when he nose dives. But, he's getting better and it won't be long before he's completely independant. I don't know that I'm looking all that forward to it, but it'll be good, too.

For Father's Day, we took the boys to Glen Hills (local county park) fishing and swimming.

Rugby catching a bass...

Rugby's catch for the day:
Yeah, none of the rest of us managed to catch anything worth keeping. Mr. Rugby just has the best luck when we're fishing at Glen Hills. TJ enjoyed the swimming, but wasn't too fond of the fishing. He sat on the edge of the water and was splashing away. I swear the kid is a fish! He just LOVES the water!! Of course it was so hot out that the batteries in my camera died and I have no pictures. Figures!

Then, over the week, I picked up a new hobby....beading! I rather enjoy it. Here are a couple of the shiny baubles I made. The first one is Red Jasper that I wrapped gold wire around and through. I think they'll make nice pendants for a necklace and I'm tempted to go pick up more stones to make matching earrings. I wouldn't wear them, but they'd make nice gifts.
And these are some beauties, eh? I have a plan for what they are to become, I just can't reveal it yet. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the large round stone in them (Purple Crazy Lace)! The color is off in the pictures, but they really are shiny and gorgeous! Watch out Lia Sophia! Here I come!


  1. Beautiful! But when do you find time for a 'hobby"?????

  2. My husband paid for his fishing license last year and caught nothing. Eldest fished for free and caught two trout.


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