Sunday, July 08, 2007

So, you want an update, huh?

And ya think that one post in another blog is gonna get it for ya? LOL! Ok, so that MIGHT work. We've just been SUPER SUPER busy.

June 27th
Left new house for trek back to old house.

June 28th
Have air conditioning in van fixed. My mom took the boys to Bay Beach. OF COURSE I forgot the camera, so we have no pictures. It was fun and they really enjoyed the day. We learned that TJ HATES the carousel. Yea, he wanted no part of that stuff. I think the horse next to him was just running to fast for him. hahahaha!! Then, Thursday night we had a tiny party for TJ's first birthday with my side of the family. It was nice to see everyone. Here's a pic of TJ snuggling with my Grandpa.

June 29th
PARTY in Gresham!! Tim's brother, Joel, get fireworks every year for the kids and we do dinner that night at his parents, then campfire and fireworks at dusk. Joel tends to go a SMIDGE overboard with the fireworks, though. The kids put on a great show. TJ was really excited about it. He'd sit on my lap and bounce, then shake his hands really excitedly. He was also clapping along to Grandma B singing songs while Ryan, Leah, Rugby and Riley lit the fireworks. The only injury was a bottle rocket hitting Rugby in the shoulder, so I think that we did pretty good!!

Yes, this really is the back of Joel's pick up filled with fireworks!

June 30th
It's the annual Gresham Family Fun Fest parade and hoopla at the park. This is the first year in 4 or 5 years that there was not a Bosman float in the parade, so the kids scavanged for candy with the rest of them this year. They had a good time with that, but I really hate all that candy in the house. Tim sorted through it and tossed the stuff I won't let the kids have (jawbreakers, gum, etc) the rest is in a container that I'm sure I'll end up tossing most of later. (After I finish the Tootsie Rolls!!) Then, we went back to Tim's parents house and had lunch. My mom and dad and Lindsay came along, too. Riley filled a water balloon with water, but didn't tie it and got the back of my dad's shirt and pants soaked. It was HILARIOUS!! The kids got Grandpa B pretty wet, too. They were all having a ton of fun with water balloons!! Then, we took the kids up to the park for the bike raffle and let them bounce on all the bouncy equipment they have up there. None of ours won bikes, but they had a good time, anyway!!

July 1st
Went to our old church for a visit. Lunch at Ponderosa, then Walmart shopping for painting supplies for the old house, then a couple rummage sales. After supper we took Lindsay home, Tim and Riley went to the old house and did some stuff while Rugby stayed at mom and dad's and helped my dad lay out for the new sidewalk. He even hammered together his own creation.
uly 2nd
Get the van BACK into the shop in Gresham. The air still wasn't working. We found out that it was the condenser that was broken, so we had them order that part and they'll put it in tomorrow (as in July 3rd). So, Tim takes the work van and heads back to the new house and I wait around until tomorrow for the part. It was nice to have an extra night.

July 3rd
2:30 the part was supposed to be there, so we hung out around Granny's house while we waited. I did all the wash from the trip since I had time, and folded some for Granny, too. Get to Gresham around 2:35. The part wasn't in yet, but since Dan talked to the delivery place and the part was going to be there, they took my van apart and got the old part off while they were waiting........and waiting........and 4:45 the part STILL wasn't there. So, Dan sent me home in a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country. I tell ya, when we need a new van, I think we'll look at one of these babies!! There are somethings that I REALLY REALLY like and some features that I have now that I really miss, but since this van is a bare bones model, I think that we'll be able to get one with all the stuff that we want.....when the time comes.

July 4th
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!! We spent the day on the road. Adam and Kelly are going to be moving, so we went to their new place to check it out and grilled out lunch with them. Then, we went to Menomonie for supper at Bear and Gordy's house. They live on top of a hill, so it was a great place to watch the fireworks. The kids did a few of the leftovers from Joel while we waited for the big show to start. It was a wonderful night.
Here's TJ with Adam and Kelly's new dog. He LOVED him!

Having root beer floats at Gordy and Bear's...

July 5th
I had PT and DR. All is well. Then, we went shopping for Tim to leave.

July 6th
PROJECTS, PROJECTS, PROJECTS!! Tim worked on packing and building me new storage space in the basement so that I could pack up the office upstairs and get that room ready and painted so it's ready when TUCKER JAMES arrives.

July 7th
Tim took off early this morning for Reno for 3 weeks to work on a Kohl's store. When he leaves there, it'll be to go to Las Vegas for another 3 weeks on another Kohl's store. His friend Adam is working with him, so it's good for him. I don't think that Adam's wife is too thrilled about the idea of them being gone 6 weeks, but hopefully I can help keep her mind off it. The boys just love her, so it's nice to have her over.

July 8th
Church picnic today at Crystal Lake. Great food, but WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too hot for me. The kids had fun swimming, though!

Ok, Kari, that pretty much gets us up to date. :)


  1. Great update! Gee, I didn't know I had so much power!! Now if your sisters-in-law would just get to updating their blogs.... Not like summer is busy or anything!! :)

  2. Yea... I like how you slipped that name in there! I will get to updating soon as well.

  3. TUCKER JAMES?????? What happened to TOOL????

  4. Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!


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