Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not much going on....

Things have finally mellowed out a bit. We started summer vacation out with a trip to Urgent Care...double ear infection. That's better now. The boys had a sleepover at Grandma B's house that they were thrilled with! And while they were gone I was at Urgent Care, but mine was just nothing....sore throat I just have to wait to go away. So now we are getting into the swing of summer and enjoying (or not) the warm weather and care-free days.

Rugby and Riley posing while I took Kathy's kids pictures.

Rugby and Brandon at the Como Zoo on their class field trip. They're watching Sparky the Seal..


  1. Your boys are so cute! Glad the ear infections are clearing up, those are NO fun.

  2. Man, what a way to start summer "vacation". Hope everyone is on the mend soon! Your boys are adorable ~ but I KNOW you know that!!!

  3. Love your counter! I stole your link and added one to mine, too. Always curious how many people have gone on it. Can't believe you're up to 980 already!!!!! :)


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