Sunday, May 27, 2007

What good is a holiday weekend without a trip to the dr?

I mean, really. Don't the two go hand in hand?? Rugby woke up screaming, crying and then puking (because he had himself so worked up) around midnight or so with an earache. Ibuprofen and a warm wash cloth cured that....when he got up this morning Tim gave him more ibuprofen because he was hurting again. Then, during church he started complaining about earache again AND asked to go to the doctor. So, he got a warm wash cloth there to finish church and then we went home, took his temp (100.8), gave more ibuprofen, and called the nurse line. YUp, he needed to be seen. Ok, Tim stayed home with Ninners, Riley and TJ and I took Boop to town. Saw the doc in near record time, too. Urgent Care wasn't that busy, I guess. She confirmed that he had ear infection, but also noticed a red throat. Did a culture and sure enough he's got strep, too. She asked if anyone else in the house has sore throat and I told her about Riley's hoarse throat, so he got meds and didn't even have to be along! YAY DOCTOR ROSE!! She said if any of the rest of us get sore throat to call and she'll call scripts in for us, too. WOOHOO! So, we're back home and hopefully the rest of the weekend will be uneventful!


  1. I'm glad that he is feeling better! I hope no one else gets it :)

  2. Oh man, that does such. For the parents and "boop" (which is whom by the way? LOL)



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