Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We're on our own now....

Yesterday morning, Riley, TJ and I dropped Tim off at the airport in Minneapolis for his 2 week "working vacation" in Shreveport, LA. Joel is working down there, and needed help so Timmy got called to go. It's nice and it's not. He really was a big help around here with the boys, but I've already noticed I have less to clean up without him home, too.

Last night I took the boys to a baseball game. It was the Boyceville 8th graders. Rugby's girlfriend Alyx's brother was playing. We had fun...the kids ran and ran and climbed, so I KNOW they had a good time! TJ was flirting with a little girl there, too. I think she was about 18 months old. Very cute little girl.

Today, Riley is playing in the basement since it's nice and cool down here and I moved the computer down here, too so that we can avoid running the air conditioning a little while longer. There's a fridge and bathroom down here and I've ALWAYS got laundry to do, so maybe now I can stay on top of that a bit better since there aren't any stairs between here and the laundry room. My job today is to clean up the laundry room, wash clothes and get PART of the storage area cleaned up. I'm making piles to Freecycle, garbage, and HOPEFULLY I'll have a livable, usable area in a few days. Wish me luck! Off I go...............

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