Sunday, January 07, 2007

So, what's the weirdest thing...

You've ever cooked or eaten?

The reason that I'm asking is that right now I have Argentine Lentil Stew simmering on the stove. It's a strange combo of apples, lentils, veggies and BBQ sauce. I'll have to report later on the taste of this....also it's the first time we've had lentils....maybe I should have started with something a litlle more "normal," but what's the fun in that?? LOL!!

So, we tried it. It's got good texture..veggies stay a little crunchy like I like them. The flavor is interesting, but a bit bland. I added some McCormick Creole Seasoning to mine and it was an improvement. Rugby ate a few bites, but was more interested in the butter bread. Riley took one bite, shook and refused to eat it. Tim had two bowls, but being Tim he also told me that it was missing something.....MEAT. LOL! Apparently we're not going vegan any time soon. Ha ha! He did like it better with the creole spice, too. But, it was tastey, just not what we were used to. I'll eat it again (and I'm gonna have to since there's some left. Thankfully, it makes a small batch.)


  1. I had an ostrich burger once -- that's about as weird as I've gotten... I'm anxious to hear how this recipe is! My New Year's resolution is to be more daring and try new foods.

  2. Ethan is cooking up some chili right now, using TVP (textured vegetarian protein) instead of meat!!!! I am sure Tim would be all over that!

  3. I took the kids out for sushi - they really liked it and want to go back. They didn't eat anything too "sushi - ish" - all cooked stuffed. Leah loved to sit at the sushi bar and watch them make everything. She became good friends with the chefs.


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