Monday, January 01, 2007

A new year!

Here we are in 2007. I can not believe how quickly 2006 passed....seems to go quicker and quicker the older the kids get. This time last year we were anticipating a move and baby, now here we are again anticipating a possible move and no baby. :) Thanks to Lil Duck Duck I thought I'd post a year in pictures...not the 100's of pix that I took, but some highlights of the year. Here we go:

We babysat for the pastor at my IL's church....they live next door to my IL's and are wonderful people that I'm happy we've gotten to be friends with. Here are Rugby, Riley, and Brook enjoying the glitter glue and stickers while Hope watches!

In February, my SIL Christine took my nephew Ryan skiing, but since my neice Leah is too young for that, she got to have a sleep over with Rugby and Riley. It was a rather nice day (for February, anyway), so we spent the day at the zoo and had lunch at McD's. It was a ton of fun for all!

Here's one of the boys lovin' on their daddy!

April was warm enough to bring out the power wheels. Riley LOVED that!

MayIn May, Tim (and me, sometimes!) spent time fishing with the boys. It ended up being one of their favorite things to do all summer. I'm not sure all that fishing was good, meant I had to cook them when we got home! LOL!!

JuneHere's TJ just a month before he was set to arrive! And here's the boys enjoying meeting Thomas the Tank Engine.

JulyPoppa getting to meet his name-sake...
These two show how well the boys liked TJ when he was born! (And surprisingly enough they still do!!)

August Here's the boys thinkin' it was really cool to dump daddy out of the hammock!

And sleeping beauty...

SeptemberSeptember brought the first day of school for Rugby....

And some time for Riley to bond with TJ.


In October, TJ got a new ride....
And some goblins showed up, too...

NovemberTJ learning to share with Ava.

More brotherly love.


Santa and Mrs. Claus......recognize anyone??

TJ...oh so big!

Riley and his friend, Trett playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Well, that was interesting. It was fun putting that together looking at all the pix again and remembering the year. We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!


  1. I love the year in review! It is amazing how much happened and how quickly it flew by!!

  2. That was fun to look at & read. Thanks for posting them!

  3. Very cool ~ thanks for sharing! This internet thing is such a great way to keep up with family from far away. We catch Gramma up when we get down there (oops, I forgot at Christmas time!).


  4. Love the review! Does the year seem like it went as fast for you as it did for me?

  5. You have the cutest kids. It's good to hear from other mommas with little kids and see what's going on with the little ones. You are so nice to visit my blog.:)


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