Friday, November 17, 2006

Update on the bathroom floor....

Well, DH was fabulous enough to help me out and HE!! scraped all the glue board stuff with the pad attached off the linoleum. He also explained why they went over the linoleum (cuz it's a real bugger to get it up without having to do massive amounts of work after....), but had no good explanation as to why they went over the carpet with the other carpet. Anywho, he didn't want to rip out the linoleum, so I ended up going at it with a bottle of Goop Off...professional strength.. to get all the sticky stuff off so that we can use the bathroom while I'm waiting for him to decide when we're going to finish the room. But, and this is exciting, I think that we may have ruined the hallway carpeting by tracking the black carpet pad with glue attached over it, so that may also need replacing! WOOHOO! (Yea, I don't like that, looks dirty and gross.....) Anywho, that's my big news.

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