Friday, November 17, 2006

Tis the season!

Can you believe that Christmas is roughly 39 days from now?? ZOIKS! That freaks me out. I'm usually done shopping or at least have only a little left to do and this year I've barely started! I've made 2 things for a neice and a nephew, have 2 more of those to make for the other 2 neices (I REALLY wanna spill the beans, but I really shouldn't!) And yup, that's all I've done. I did make the list of who we are buying/doing something for, but haven't accomplished anything on it. BTW, if you were on my list, would frozen cookie dough balls appeal to you? I'm thinking about making some for a couple of people.....

Tonight, I was cruising the web...checking out blogs. I love reading blogs! And found the Christmas Parade of Homes. Here's the skinny...go here: BooMama's Parade of Homes for the rules, then post pix of your home all gussied up for the holidays. Should be fun! When you do it (on/after December 15th!) let her know so that she can link you!

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