Saturday, November 18, 2006

At least I got SOMETHING done!

Today that is. I haven't been in the holiday spirit yet....not shopping, not baking, nothing. TOTALLY unlike me. Anywho, today I took a pic of the boys, popped it into photoshop and went to town. In a short time I had made our christmas card! I intended to order from VistaPrint, but found them cheaper at, so I did that route instead. They turned out beautiful....all the mommysavers think so, anyway! LOL! Watch for it closer to Christmas I'll post it for all to see after I mail them. Then I printed all the address labels, so I'm all set for when they come in!! I also ordered a photo of just baby TJ that I took today to enclose as well.....seems I wasn't too good at getting the birth announcements out, so no one has any printed photos of him unless they did it themselves. Bad mommy. Anyway, I'll post that for you. Have a splendid evening!


  1. You sound so much like me! But I am at the point where I email copies of my digital scrapbook pages and if they want to print them, then they have to print them. I am tired of sending out photos and then finding out they get tossed into a box. I think I'll put one up on my site to illustrate, if I remember.

  2. That pisture is so adorable!! You are so good at it!! I will be excited to get the Christmas card!


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