Sunday, November 19, 2006

So, how much water....

does YOUR washing machine use? Mine uses enough on a large load to put one corner of the laundry room 1/2 inch deep. UGH!

(The hose some how came out of the back)

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  1. We have had water issues as well. The dishwasher (as well as the washer and the kitchen sink and the deep sink in the mud porch) all join at one common wall and either drain into the deep sink or drain into the drain under the deep sink. Which has a leak.

    I found this out after the whole mud porch flooded a week ago. My husband wrote about how I tried to fix it with a bread wrapper on his blog, but I maintain that he had it fixed better that night as a result.

    It still leaks, but now there is only water on the floor if I forget to empty that plastic bucket under the leak.

    I've heard people live in homes where stuff like this doesn't happen.


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