Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A YUCK! And a YUM!

First the YUCK.........It's snowing! In October. I'm thinking that there should be some kind of law against that....I s'pose that the snowmobilers will be happy to see the early winter, but I'm not too thrilled. I was really enjoying riding my bike and taking walks with the kids and I'm not as willing to do that in the snow and cold. Riley and I warmed milk in my teapot yesterday for hot chocolate (I thought of you, Christine, cuz it was DARK hot chocolate!)

And the YUM! part is that I made a BEAUTIFUL pie yesterday. Most of you know that I really enjoy baking...and pies are something I've been working on to get pretty and I succeeded in a BIG way yesterday. Of course it is rhubarb....Timmy was happy about that! He even asked if I took a picture of it cuz it was so pretty! LOL!! It made me feel pretty good too that he told me Martha would be jealous of such a pretty pie. HAHA!! Anyways, here she is:


  1. DARK Hot Chocolate sound great right now!! I am not crazy about the cold and snow either!!

  2. we got flurries here...definitely not looking forward to this COLD

  3. Looks good Jess! It is not snowing here or cold but that pie sure would be tasty!

  4. You pie looks delish!!!


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